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13-14 October 2021, 6 pm, Derbent, Dagestan, Russia, A.Stalsky Lezgin National Theater - World premiere of the multimedia project "12 Sons, Moons and Moods" composed in cooperation with Elias Faingersh. Featuring the worldwide renown trumpet virtuoso Sergei Nakariakov. Twelve short musical stories, each of which tells about the unique character of the forefather`s Jacob twelve sons, denoting the parallels between them and the signs of the Zodiac and imparting them with properties of archetypes. The use of such means as live electronics and video projection on an ultra-thin screen allows the audience to be immersed in the center of the action and

 Derbent, Dagestan, Russia, A.Stalsky Lezgin National Theater, 6 pm - Jewish Suite by Uri Brener will be performed as a part of a synthetic multimedia project at the opening of the ethno-cultural festival "The Promised Caucasus", together with a worldwide renown horn player Arkady Shilkloper and Israeli painter/animator Max Epstein. The project features also prepared electro-acoustic "soundscapes" imparting a cinematic effect to the project. The performance will be livestreamed.  Watch and listen HERE