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Works list 1986-1990

  /  Works list 1986-1990
Works list 1986-1990

Performances: Concerts in Moscow, in Germany (among them: Duesseldorf Theatre (08.08.95), Palais Wittgenstein (15.05. 96), Haus der Kirche (28.02.98) (“3000 Years Jerusalem”) a.o.) and in Israel (among them: Conservatory of Petah-Tikva (26.10.99), Musical Center Blumenthal (Tel-Aviv; 24.04.02), Musical Center Ein Kerem (Jerusalem; 21.04.03), Yad Lebanim Hall, Ashkelon (19.10.03), Yad lebanim Hall, Beer-Sheva 11.04.2000; Cultural Center, Jerusalem (Jewish festival 2003, (15.12.03)); 10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv; 21.02.08 Dunaevsky School of Music , Moscow ; 29.04.2009 Nomus Festival 2009 Novy Sad, Serbia; 22.04.10 “Divinamente NY” Festival (Italian Cultural Institute, NY, USA); 26.08.2010 Silenzio Musica Festival, Montefiore, Italy and more. Publications : IMC Recordings : EnT-T Records  / Helicon  (“A 

(“Introduction” – “Peter The Great” – “Anna Ionannovna” – “Moscow the Gold-Domed” – “The Holy Procession” – “Dreams and Visions” – “Pavel The First” – “Dreams and Tales” – “Prison of time” – “Interlude” – “The Flight” – “Prophet”) Listen  to  Introduction – Peter The Great – Anna Ionannovna Listen  to  Moscow the Gold-Domed  –  The Holy Procession – Dreams and Visions – Pavel The First Listen  to  Dreams and Tales – Prison of Time – Interlude Listen  to  The Flight – Prophet Listen to three fragments w JSO and Frederic Chaslin Performances: 13.01.2016 – a world premiere (three fragments) performed by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra under maestro Frédéric Chaslin at the Henry Crown Hall of the Jerusalem Sherover

Performances: 13.01.2016 – a world premiere with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra under maestro Frédéric Chaslin at the Henry Crown Hall of the Jerusalem Sherover Theater (live broadcast  by the Kol Hamusica national radio channel); 04.10.2018, 06.10.2018, 08.10.2018 - Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel Aviv, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO), Munich Bach Choir under maestro Zubin Mehta; 07.10.2018 - International Convention Center (ICC), Jerusalem, Ussishkin Hall, IPO, Munich Bach Choir under Zubin Mehta; 07.10.2018 - Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa, IPO, Munich Bach Choir under Zubin Mehta; Publications: IMC Listen to The Prophet w IPO and Munich Bach Choir Listen to The Prophet - orchestral version w JSO Listen to The Prophet with the text Symphonic poem “The Prophet” by the Israeli-Russian composer Uri Brener was initially written

     Performances: 14.06.2000 Musical Center Blumenthal, Tel-Aviv, Prize “Klon” receipt ceremony; Liewellyn Hall, Canberra School of music, Australia (Gavin Clark – clarinet); May 2003, Marcus Rosenber Hall, Music Department of the Bar-Ilan University  (Anton Dressler, clarinet). Recordings: “Creative Composition”  The Music Book, Chapter 8, Treasure Productions 2005; “Meitar” ensemble, 2008 Publications: IMC   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_W1EJ8CLLQ&t=2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0aap98Av1Y

  Publications: IMC  Performances: Biennale Tel-Aviv Festival 2006; Maximum Auditorium “Music an der Eth” series, Zurich, Switzerland, 2007: Les AMIS Concerts, Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, K-W. Chamber Music Society Waterloo, Canada; Hamilton Chamber Music Society; The Flemington Jewish Community Center; Sant Barbara Art Museum;  Buffalo Chamber Music Society, USA; 2008, November: Stockholm Concert House, Malmö (Sweden) Chamber Music Series  – “Aviv” Quartet) In a sense, this piece bears strong autobiographical connotations, and could be seen as a kind of a musical diary of the composer with a span of more than fifteen years and thousands of kilometers separating the

Performances: 19.10.03 Yad lebanim Hall, Ashkelon Chamber orchestra “Zlilei  Ashkelon”, Conductor : Michael Dulitsky; 12.12.13 Einav Cultural Centre, Tel-Aviv “Tel-Aviv Soloists” Conductor: Barak Tal Publications: IMC  Listen HERE Score samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf6sj4ObvFg    

(second movement from “In Memoriam”) Performances: 21.03.99 Chamber orchestra “Laalot”; conductor .- G.Ginzburg; Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin 15.11.16 Collegium Musicum chamber orchestra , conductor - Sergey Ostrovsky at the Lviv Philharmonic Hall   Publications: IMC Score samples:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hboutEZq4Gw

(“For Ingrid” -“Eine Kleine Nachtsarabande”  – “Trakai Castle” – “Enchanted Flame” – “In the Afternoon” – “Warm Snow” – “Interlude” – “Interlude 2” – “Serenade”)   Performances: Einav Music Center, Tel Aviv (10.01.08); Conservatory Or Yehuda (17.01.08); Marcus Rosenberg Auditorium, Bar-Ilan university (25.12.07) (fragments Publications: IMC Recordings:: EnT-T Records / Helicon  (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007) (fragments) Sheet music samples: