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Hello Uri, your music is wonderful, the feelings and emotions during chase your notes. I am not easy to musical taste, I grew up listening to Thelonious Monk, Michel Petrucciani, Keith Jarrett, but your music is very beautiful. compliments. good music and good life.


Wonderful playing and a great piano rendering of that XII century tune Ramon Llull would most certainly be pleased to listen to your interpretation

Erich Decker , Germany

nice your delicate sounds. its amazing. from japan

yuji kondo

I absolutely love your cover of comptine d’un autre ete l’apres midi… I don’t know what makes your cover different, but it almost made me cry.


Your playing talks to my soul. Just beautiful and so moving.. 🙂


your music is sublime! 🙂

Leafa Janice Krause

I think I’m going to run out and buy this right now! I like Brubeck and Guaraldi and I get the feeling Uri does too. However, UB is not a copycat, but has a distinctive sense of being at ease with sorrow.


Highly developed mind-piano connection. Beautiful tunes and playing, I wish you much success with your musical work. All the best,

Francisco Vítola

Beautiful sorrow in your music…


Dear Uri, I wanted to take the time to thank you SO much for your CD. It is so versatile, different from your previous music.. I love the orchestral works. I think you have so much to give and innovate and it should be worldwide…

Orit Wolf (Israel), pianist, composer and educator

Thanks for the CD – listening to it with a tremendous pleasure. You are a wonderful composer !!!

Oxana Solé (Copenhagen, Denmark)

I have many Israeli and Russian performers’ CD`s, but this disk, I am sure, will take a special place in my collection. For all the diversity of the disk (it includes both “full-length” works for orchestra (like Chamber Symphony) alongside with smaller chamber pieces for flute, cello and voice), everything in it is subordinated to some hidden idea, unrecognizable at the first glance. But at the completion of the album`s listening suddenly there is a desire to listen to it again and delve further and further into the world of Uri`s ideas. And then you catch yourself thinking that this is not just an exercise in composition, but a real high Music …

Lev Altmark (Beer-Sheba, Israel)

Great symphonic piece of music!!! Congrats my friend!!!

artmaniac53, Giorgos, Greece (on the Symphonic Chronicles)

Great Composer

Doron Salomon, conductor (on the Symphonic Chronicles)

Can’t stop listening to these performances. Amazing!

Micheldvorsky (on the Jazz Sebastjan Suite)

It’s not just “contamination” between genres… there’s a deep union of classical-baroque concepts and jazz rhythm and harmony. Great.

JLorz84, Italy (on the Jazz Sebastjan Suite)

This is great. It’s good to know that Jacques Loussier has some competition!

PSearPianist (on the Jazz Sebastjan Suite)

You play in a magic way! Very interestings uploads! Warm greetings from Sweden.

SDMusicProduction’s , Sweden

Mr.Brener, Greetings from Connecticut-USA. I am a Turkish composer/pianist/conductor. I was luckily found your recordings on youtube. Your style is very original and the way you use your folk music is in a very high quality. That is something that unfortunately we miss in modern music. I would like to congratulate you from bottom of my heart… Best regards

Erberk Eryilmaz, US

I thought that our time couldn’t produce a big composer. I was wrong. You have created such a rich, dramatic, truly Jewish piece, which is appealing to everyone. It’s fresh, thought provoking and beautiful music. Thank you. I am joining your fun club.

David Ben-Gershon (on the Phantasm Cadenza)

Outstanding and prolific composer bridging into the 21st century with brilliant compositions solidly founded on the most advanced music of the of 20th century. without doubt destined to be regarded as one of the greatest composers of this generation..

deltasquared7777 (USA)

The Great music and superb performing!

Gregory Fain, pianist, Russia (on the Tryptich for piano trio)

Dear Uri, I’m just starting to hear the many works, but started with Auka and Exodus, and they are mighty impressive! Among other things, you have a great sense of organic form. And this is quite an achievement in the longer pieces, which are not segmented into movements. It’s hard to believe what you have accomplished at your young age!

Cheryl Seltzer, co-director of the New York new music ensemble Continuum

Dear Uri, Your music is very convincing, self-sufficient and highly professional. Especially noticeable is your incredible sense of proportion and form. However I feel it is not so much about music, but rather about constructing your own, individual reality, which is a way deeper and more global then just a usual discourse about musical-stylistic esthetics. Here one can actually sense a kind of philosophical concept of your individual weltanschauung. But in order to penetrate and immerse in that reality, one really needs an entry ticket. It`s like a membership in an elite club: only for the chosen ones. Yet I wish you to acquire more and more “chosen ones”, so that eventually you reality might be transformed in a self-sufficient world. Voices are really great! With respect and adore to your mastery and hard-working,

Alexander Eisenstadt, composer, Jerusalem

…You have a great gift of lyrical and virtuosic writing…

Eli Shoot, Composer, Harvard