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The Chamber Symphony is written in an accessible musical language, based on solid musical tradition on one hand, but uses the finest composition sophistication on the other. An original tonal thinking together with a very personal musical language both characterize this work that exhibit a deep intuitive internal logic and a compelling landslide. Each of the five work`s movements make evident Brener’s superb sense of musical development and his refined taste when it comes to orchestration, thematic development and to the magnitude of the musical processes in general. Uri’s Chamber Symphony is written in a fascinating, dramatic and exciting manner, and creates with its emotional honesty a profound and shaking musical experience.

(from the Acum Award 2015 judges reasoning)

We are talking about a creative personality with a strong and original content. The combination of a high-level and mature performing skill and a composer of such impressive and varied profile display a talent welcomed in the most respected stages in Israel and around the globe.

Prof. Gideon Lewensohn, composer

Exceptional talent and a very high skill…

Prof. Eitan Avitsur, composer

The numerous inspirational sources for Uri’s music reflect his multi-faceted, interdisciplinary and artistic personality: a gifted pianist well-versed in the most demanding repertoire, a jazz connoisseur, a most imaginative and erudite composer, an original orchestrator, a born performer, at ease both as a soloist and with ensembles.

Zmira Lutzky, broadcaster, editor and an artistic director of the Israel Contemporary Players (ICP)

Rarely one has an opportunity to express a professional opinion on an outstanding composer like Uri Brenner! Mr. Brener ‘s works are most impressive and exciting … they testify to the particularly unusual musical and artistic personality. An artistic development felt from his earlier works, which he wrote at age 16, up to his most recent works, is striking, and evoke a strong sense of an artist with rare qualities: a developed compositional technique, a personal statement, ability to take artistic risks and carry them out successfully, the combination of depth and simplicity with virtuosity and sophistication…

Prof. Yinam Leef, composer

Mr. Brener surely belongs to the rare musical talents of the highest kind… His compositions are independent and display rigorous knowledge of instrumentation and feel of colour. His mastery of form is certain and imaginative.

Prof. Manfred Trojan, composer

No doubt this is one of the most outstanding talents I met in Israel … Uri is a composer and a highly skilled performer in the most original and artistic sense, a refreshing and intellectual personality with real depth.

Prof. Betty Olivero, composer