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Works list 2002-2012

  /  Works list 2002-2012
Works list 2002-2012

CREDO is Prelude Nr.1 from the cycle of 23 Preludes for piano. Performances:10.01.08 – (“A  Walk” CD Presentation) Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel;21.02.08 Dunaevsky School of Music, Moscow, Russia;02.12.07  Cultural Center, Jerusalem  “Jazz Globe Festival“;26.08.2010 Silenzio Musica Festival, Montefiore, ItalyRecordings:EnT-T Records (“A  Walk” piano album, 2007; Dynamic Range – EnT-T Sampler, 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oi3KGqeIVQ

A piece from the piano cycle "Search" (2007) Performances:10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv;21.02.08  Dunaevsky School of Music, Moscow, Russia;02.12.07  Cultural Center, Jerusalem “Jazz Globe Festival“;26.08.2010 Silenzio Musica Festival, Montefiore, Italy Recordings:EnT-T Records  (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c63NDIgURGE

A piece from the piano cycle “Search” (2007) Performances:10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel;26.08.2010 Silenzio Musica Festival, Montefiore, ItalyRecordings: EnT-T Records  (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fewa7aukR1I

(impressions to the painting by M.K.Čiurlionis) Performances: 29.03.04 Marcus Rosenberg Concert Hall, University of Bar-Ilan, Israel; Evgenia Epstein (violin), Rachel Mercer (cello), Anton Dressler (clarinet), Uri Brener,(piano); 29.11.17 Ron Baron Hall, Stricker Conservatory, Tal-Aviv; Israeli Chamber Project - Tibi Tziger (clarinet), Daniel Barad (violin), Emanuel Silvestri (cello), Yael Karet (piano) Listen HERE Recordings: “Creative Composition”, The Music Book, Chapter 7, Treasure Productions, 2005 Publications: IMC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kedUFhW2tSA

The piece is a paraphrase on a short piece by Shostakovich for piano called "Elegia".The first six bars are the actual quotation from the piece, which eventually turns in a rather unexpected journey to the world of modern modal jazz and improvisation.The piece was later included into the "23 Preludes for piano" cycle.  Performances:17.02.05 Confederation House, Jerusalem;07.05.2005 “The New Wave” Series – Musica Nova Concert,Tel- Aviv Art Museum;10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv, IsraelRecordings:“Creative Composition”, The Music Book, Chapter 7,Treasure Productions, 2005 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDx6WJdm0NQ

Performances: 13.03.04, 27.03.04 Marcus Rosenberg Concert Hall, University of Bar-Ilan, Israel (“Fujazz” series) – with Anton Dressler; 21.12.2005 “Jazz Globe Festival” 2005, Jerusalem with Arkady Shilkloper and Anton Dressler; 28.12.2005 Kiriat Tivon Conservatory with Arkady Shilkloper; 28.04.2008 Kanjiza International Jazz Festival 2008 w Arkady Shilkloper; 28.04.2009 Nomus Festival 2009. Novy Sad with Arkady Shilkloper; 07.02.09 – “Masters on Stage” series, Conservatory of Utrecht, Holland; Johan van der Linden (sax) and Henry Kelder (piano); 27.03.2010 – “Divinamente Roma” Festival w Anton Dressler; 22.04.2010 – Italian Cultural Institute, NY, USA “Divinamente NY” Festival w Anton Dressler and more. Recordings: “Creative Composition”, The Music Book, Chapter 8, Treasure Productions, 2005 Listen to Invocation   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmHox6n_9Yg

Performances: November 20, 2014  – A world premiere at the Croatian Composers Society  w Tomas Tulacek, violin, Hrvoje Pintarič, horn, , Ana Horvat, clarinet, Sanja Vrsalovič, piano Publisher: IMC Listen HERE The piece is about liberation from the Tyranny of Time. EXODOS (in ancient Greek drama) - is the final scene or departure, especially in a tragedy. The piece features a slow and at times dramatic process of transformation from and dissolution of a very precise, almost mechanical type of rhythmic structure into a minimalist set of ever-repeated chords, almost free from any rhythmic process, resembling a funeral procession, with some almost aleatoric formations in piano hovering freely over it. It concludes with just a simple

Performances: 22.08.06 /The Prime minister award receipt ceremony / Rekanati Hall, Tel- Aviv Art Museum, Israel; Evgenia Epstein (violin), Semion Ositiansky, clarinet, Marina Eretzky, piano; 13.02 2007 JCC Manhattan , “A New Wave “ series, Ensemble “Continuum”, NY; 06.10.2013 Studio De Agostin, Geneve, Switzerland, Elisaveta Blumina (piano), Sergey Ostrovsky (violin), Dmitry Rasul-Karaev (clarinet) Publications: IMC The trio Perelandra Tale for clarinet, violin and piano was written under impression from the science-fiction novel by C.S. Lewis “PERELANDRA”. The main idea of the novel is a one of “loosing moral innocence”. That is, by discovering a civilization on some distant planet in the state close to that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and by having an opportunity to “look

One of the five Cantuses for piano solo. Originally composed as a trio with clarinet and violin, the piece was inspired by the science-fiction novel by C.S.Lewis "Perelandra". Performances: 22.04.09, Serbian Radio, Studio M (Live Broadcast), Festival “Nomus” Novy Sad, Serbia; 10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv Recordings: EnT-T Records (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCqzVfCSswo&list=UUSk7CHuEgUI1-QZTjuECKDQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwKHbKFqqP0

I. Cantus I (`Dies Irae`)II. Cantus II (`Imponderability`)III. Cantus III (`An Old Fresco`)IV. Cantus IV (`Hymn`)V. Cantus V (`Perelandra Tale`) Cantus II (`Imponderability`) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot8QMD1IUcM Cantus V (`Perelandra Tale`) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbZULR1Qw4U

( “7 am Prelude” –  “11 o’clock” – “Much Later..” ) Performances: 2006  Henry Crown Hall, Jerusalem Theater, “Etnachta” series, live broadcast by the Kol Hamusika national radio-channel Recordings: Albany Records  2007 (“Harpsichord Music by Israeli composers“) Publications: IMC This piece is a type of a Triptych commissioned and recorded by the internationally acclaimed harpsichordist Marina Minkin. The outer movements – the 1st   (“7 am prelude”) and the 3rd ( “…much later”) form a combination of two different types of improvisation: quasi – Baroque and Blues, enhanced with an especially tinted blend of the unique harpsichord sonority. The middle section entitled “11 o’clock” was written originally as a segment for solo marimba, comprised of

Performances: 14.12.2006 Marcus Rosenberg Concert Hall, University of Bar-Ilan, Israel; 10.01.08 Einav Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, Israel; 17.01.08 Conservatory Or Yehuda, Israel; 02.12.2007 “Jazz Globe Festival 2007”, Jerusalem; 21.02.08 Dunaevsky school of music , Moscow; 22.04.09, Serbian Radio, Studio M (Live Broadcast) Festival “Nomus”  2009 Novy Sad, Serbia Recordings: EnT-T Records (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJXVz_SMOL8

[`Seven Zen Piano pieces based on a poetry by the John Gracen Brown`] (1.”Chaos”  –  2.” Hope” –  3. “Lazy Sun”  –  4. ”The Gust”  – 5. “Transition” – 6. “Distant Refrains”  –  7. “Circle” ) Recordings :EnT-T Records  “A  Walk” piano album, 2007 (fragments) Listen to The GustListen to TransitionListen to Circle

Performances: 27- 29.10.07 World Premiere with Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheba, Conductor – Doron Salomon; Municipal Conservatory of Beer Sheba Publications: IMI  (Israeli Music Institute)   Claude Debussy's Nocturnes are called "Clouds, Celebrations and Sirens". My second Piano Concerto`s sub-title is "Blares, Clouds, Celebrations". However, the listener will not find even a faint connection to Debussy's work other than paraphrasing its title. The poetic load of the title denotes the disparity between directness of the trumpet blare as the signal of the gathering, connecting people, and between the somewhat threatening ambiguity of the clouds, as a symbol of the unknown, the Other. There is a multitude of ideas and elements that meet each other

The “Faust Concerto” by an Israeli-Russian composer Uri Brener was written as a part of a completion work for his doctoral studies at the University of Bar-Ilan (Israel) in 2008, which resulted in a PhD degree “cum laude” later in 2009. In 2010 the work received the prestigious ACUM award and thus was nominated as the best symphonic piece of the year. In the resume  given by prominent Israeli composers and musicians (such as Prof. Yinam Leef, Prof. Michael Wolpe, Prof. Gideon Lewensohn, conductor maestro Doron Salomon and others) it was stated: “In his “Faust Concerto” Uri summons up an intensive work of

A piece composed using collage technic, whereas most of the actual material is taken from Stravinsky`s works of different periods, but not only.. For more info please scroll down. Score samples: Performances: 01.03.08 World Premiere – Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa w.Tel Aviv Soloists Orchestra under Barak Tal; 02.03.08 – Rekanati Hall, Tel- Aviv Art Museum; 04.03.08 – Marcus Rosenberg Hall, Music Department of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel. Listen to Stravinsky Smiles (movement 3) Publications: IMC Smile and laughter which is genuine and not just a mask – this is something found in its purest form in children. Children are easily fascinated with things and their form of communication with the world around them is

(I. Homage to Stravinsky –  II. Homage to Alban Berg  – III. Homage to Schubert  –  IV. Homage to Paganini) Performances: 23.12.13 – Israeli Music Conservatory Stricker, Tel-Aviv; Liberson Prize Receipt ceremony (Violin I – Yael Barolsky; Violin II – Andrea Hallam; Viola – Jonathan Keren; Cello – Yoni Etzion); 29.3.16 – Homage to Schubert in Tel-Aviv Art Museum; Aviv string quartet; 24.7.15 – French premiere of the Homage to Schubert at Rencontres Musicales Internationales des Graves, Bordeaux, France, Aviv string quartet; 4.7.17 – “Arsenal” Hall of Nizhny Novgorod (branch of National Center of Contemporary Arts) by the Cantando string quartet; 27.1.18 – Homage to Schubert in Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa and 01/02/18 in Israeli Music Conservatory Stricker, Tel-Aviv with Rishonim quartet; June 19,20 2018, 8:00 PM, Jerusalem Music Center; June 13, 2018,

Performances: November 2008  Malmö Academy of Music (Sweden), “Aviv” quartet and Elias Faingersh (trombone); 24/12/2008 “Sounds of Desert” Festival, Israel; |Elias Faingersh (trombone) and Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheba, Conductor – Doron Salomon; 2010 City Concert Hall, Beer-Sheva; Elias Faingersh  (trombone), Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheba, Conductor – Doron Salomon   Listen to Night at the Cinema 1 Listen to Night at the Cinema 2 Listen to Night at the Cinema 3 Listen to Night at the Cinema 4  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDYcBTD_cG4

1. Prelude – Allegro 2. First encounter – Presto … with the Duke 3. Second encounter – Siliciano … with Dave Brubeck 4. Third encounter – Presto … with Agatha 5. Fourth encounter –  Adagio… with Michel Legrand 6. Fifth encounter – Allegro … with Chick Corea)     Jazz Sebastian Bach is a suite of five pieces for flute and a jazz trio based mostly on movements from Bach’s flute sonatas. Each movement features a specific point of view from which Bach’s music is being approached: from Jacques Loussier and Claude Bolling, via Dave Brubeck and Michel Legrand, to Chick Corea and the author’s own attitude. Hence the subtitle of the suite: “Casual Encounters…” "

My version of the Beethoven`s piece with a somewhat more impressionistic approach. Included in the 23 Preludes for piano cycle. Performances: 21.10.10 “Khan” Theater, Jerusalem 24.10.10; Eshkol Pais Hall, Netanya 05.12.10 Jewish Community Hall Malmö, Sweden; 07.12.10 “Operaen” Jazz-club, Copenhagen. Danemark; 24.01.11 Leo Baeck Saal, Duesseldorf, Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix1LXPu9q38  

Performances: 16,18.01.2010 Beer-Sheva City Hall Yaron Prensky (violin), Sofia Falkovic  (cello), Conductor: Eyal Ein Habar, Israeli Sinfonietta Beer Sheba; 21.06.2010 Tel- Aviv Art Museum, Sergey Ostrovsky (violin), Kristina Reiko Cooper(cello) Concertmeister – Yaron Prensky; 17,19,20 March 2012 – Beer-Sheva City Hall Asi Mattatias (violin), Sofia Falkovic (cello), Conductor: Stephen Gunzenhauser, Israeli Sinfonietta Beer Sheba 01/04/13 Zadar, Croatia; Evgenia Epstein (violin), Mihovil Karuza (cello), Zadar Chamber Orchestra, Conductor – Pavle Despali; 27.11.16  Brno, Czech Republic, Leoš Janáček Music Academy, Moscheles String Ensemble, Conductor - Barak Tal, Tomas Vinklat (violin), and Jan Zlamal (cello) Publications: IMI  (Israeli Music Institute) Listen to Double Concerto (movement 1) Listen to Double Concerto (movement 2) Listen to Double Concerto (movement 3) Listen to Double Concerto (movement 4)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6MNLTRwtuc

I.“Walking Bachwards” II.“Syrinxation” III.“AmadEvans variations” IV.“The Funky Bird” V.“Consolation” VI.“Saltarello” Piece commissioned, performed and recorded by the internationally acclaimed German flutist Martina Silvester and her "Clazzic Ensemble". Each movement of the suite is based upon an iconic classical piece from different epochs and cultures, from the Middle Age troubadour`s chant and Bach down to Stravinsky and Debussy. Performances: 21/11/11 Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crown Hall, “Etnakhta” series (w “Tabula Rasa” Jazz Trio and Noam Buchman and Martina Silvester); 28/01/13 Versicherungskammer Bayern, “Musica Da Camera” series (“Clazzic” Ensemble); 09/03/13 Freies Musikzentrum München 09/05/13 Staatlichen Antikensammlungen,Munich, Germany; 12.09.2017 Montfort Jazzclub,  Langenargen Castle, Germany Watch the video of two movements from the Clazzic Suite arranged for two flutes and jazz trio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UO3fzhvwuc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_TW3x-BibU  

Performances: 28/07/13 Corning Museum of Glass Auditorium, Corning, USA Endless Mountains Festival Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Stephen Gunzenhauser. Listen to CITY OF MYSTICS (Movement 1 – “Cantus Firmus”) Listen to CITY OF MYSTICS (Movement 2 -3 “Air” – “Basso Ostinato”) “City of Mystics” was commissioned by the Israel Camerata Jerusalem and the Tel-Aviv Art Museum. At the heart of the work lies the challenge of writing a piece for an ensemble (flute, harp, and strings) usually associated with a refined classical work that would go in a totally unexpected stylistic direction – a crossover between contemporary composition, elements of Far-Eastern music, and modern fusion jazz. It is precisely this combination of wind and plucked