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Works list A-Z

  /  Works list A-Z


Air” (2014) for flute solo, harp and strings
Air (2014) version for flute and piano
Andalouse variations” (2014) for piano and  orchestra
Aphorismes” (1997) for piano
Apology” (2006)
electro-acoustic composition in three parts
Aquarelles” (1990-97)
for piano
Aria (2018)
for piano
Aria (2019) verion for trumpet, piano and strings

Au debut et a la fin” (1996) for piano
Au debut et a la fin(version for piano duo) (1999) 
Auka” (2004) for violin, v-cello, clarinet and piano
Awareness” (2000) 
for piano



Ballade (version for violoncello and piano) (2013)
(version for viola and piano) (2013)

Barren Landscape” (1990) for tuba and piano
Barren Landscape(version for violoncello) (2004)
Blares Clouds Celebrations” (Piano Concerto No.2) (2006 – 2007) for piano and orchestra
Blares Clouds Celebrations” (Piano Concerto No.2) version for piano and symphonic band
Brass Quintet (2013) for two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba



Cantaben Variations” (2013) for thirteen players
Cantus I (`Dies Irae`) for piano
Cantus II (`Imponderability`) for piano
Cantus III (`An Old Fresco`) for piano
Cantus IV (`Hymn`) for piano
Cantus V (`Perelandra Tale`) for piano
Capriccio” (2014) for piano
Catharsis” (Sonata Nr. 1) (1990) for piano
Chaconne alla Zappa” (2014) for two harpsichords
Chaconne alla Zappa” (2014) version for two pianos
Chamber Symphony (1990-2013) 
for chamber orchestra
City of Mystics” (2010)
for flute, harp and chamber orchestra
Clazzic Suite” (2010) Suite for Flute and Jazz trio No.2
Concerto for violin and orchestra (2015)
Concerto for Piano No.1 (1989)
Concerto for Piano No.2 (“Blares Clouds Celebrations”)

Concerto for Piano No.2 (“Blares Clouds Celebrations”)
version with symphonic band
Concerto for Trumpet, Piano and Strings (2019)
Credo” (2003) 
for piano



Deceptions” (2015) for trumpet and piano
Departing from Shostakovich station…” (2004) for piano
Dialogue IV”  (from “Dialogues”)
 version for cello solo (2008)
Dialogues” (1990-97) 
for bassoon & cello

Dialogues” (1990-1997) version for violin and cello
“Dialogues” (1990-2018) version for two cellos
Dialogues a7” (2008) 
for seven players
Double Concerto 
for violin, cello and orchestra (2010)



Eight preludes for piano (1986-89)
Elegy (2013) 
for piano
for violin solo (1998)
Equinox” (2000)
for 4-10 V-celli or cello solo with electronic delay
EXODOS” (2005) 
for clarinet, horn, violin and piano



Fantasia (1993) for violoncello and piano
Faust Concerto” (2006-7) 
Sinfonia Concertante for Viola and symphony orchestra

Five pieces (1998) for clarinet solo
Form, Farbe und Licht” (1995) for piano
Four Hommages” (2008) (String quartet No.3)
Fuer Elise” (2010) 
for piano



The Gust” (2003) for piano
“Golem-Waltz” (2006-2019) for bass-clarinet and piano



“Halelluja” (2019) for trumpet solo
“Halelluja” (1993) for mixed choir and orchestra



Imponderability (Cantus II)  for piano
In den Schneefeldern” (“В снегах”) (1993)
 for voice and piano
In Memoriam” (1990)
for string orchestra & string quintet
In search of the Chaconne” (2014)
for two violins, viola, viola da gamba and harpsichord
Invocation” (2004) 
for clarinet, saxophone, vibraphone or any other jazz-improvising instrument with piano
(version for a Big Band) (2009)



Jazz Sebastian Bach – Chance Encounters” (2008) Suite for Flute and Jazz trio
Jewish Suite” (2017) 
for violin and piano

Jewish Suite” (2017) version for violin, clarinet and piano
Jewish Suite” (2017) version for flute and piano (with cello obligato)



Lamento (1990) – (second movement from “In Memoriam”)
 Little Wind Quintet (1991)



Meditation” (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano
(version for violoncello) (2013)

Melody (version for viola) (2013)
Metamorphosis” (1990) for clarinet solo
Metamorphosis” (1990) version for alto saxophone solo
Mistake” (tango) (2016) for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano
Mistake” (tango) (2016)
version for mezzo-soprano, violin and piano
Mistake” (tango) (2016)
version for violin and piano
Monologue” (2016)
for violoncello solo
Monologue” (2016)
version for viola solo



Night at the Cinema” (2008) for string quartet (string orchestra), trombone and live-electronics
“Nightfall in Pyrenees” (2019) musical canvas for piano and string orchestra
Northern Wind” (2017) for harp solo



On the other side of sound” (1998) for string quintet and wind quintet
Oz In Memoriam” (2017) for clarinet, horn, string quartet and piano



“Paradise Lost” (2019) symphonic poem
8 Preludes for piano (1986-1989)
23 Preludes for piano (1996-2018)
Perelandra Tale” (2006) 
for clarinet, violin and piano

Perelandra Tale”  (version for piano) (2007) (Cantus V)
Perelandra Tale” (version for harp) (2013)
Piano Concerto No.1 (1989)
Piano Concerto No.2 (“Blares Clouds Celebrations”)

Piano Concerto No.2 (“Blares Clouds Celebrations”)
version with symphonic band
Phantasm-Cadenza” (2010) 
for violin, cello and orchestra

The Phoenix” (2018) for flute and harp
Poem (1989) 
for v-cello and piano
Preludium, Fantasia & Fuga (1993)
 for chamber ensemble

Prelude for piano (1998)
“The Prince of the Soup and the Magic Stone” (2015) (“Orchestra soup”)
for orchestra
“The Prophet” (1987) 
for big orchestra and choir
Psalm 13 (2015) 
for mezzo-soprano and piano
Psalm 13 (2019) version for trumpet and piano
Psalm 13 (2019) version for trumpet, piano and strings
Psalm 23 (2014) for mezzo-soprano and piano
Psalm 23 (2019) version for trumpet and piano
Psalm 23 (2019) version for trumpet, piano and strings
Psalm 24 (2019) for trumpet and piano
Psalm 24 (2019) for trumpet, piano and strings



Quasi Ostinato” (2013) for recorders quintet and piano
Quasi Ostinato (version for two pianos) 



Rasheli” (2009) for piano
Reverie” (1998) for piano
Rex” (2001) 
for piano
Rex-Passacaglia” (2014)
for symphony orchestra
Riddles” (1998)
for clarinet & piano (bass-clarinet and piano)


Sacrifice” (1991) for soprano, violin and piano
The Search” (2006-2007) (piano cycle)
Shunamit” (2013),
Operatorio for soloists, choir, orchestra and rock band
Sketches” (1998) 
for violin and piano
Sonata for trumpet and piano (2015)
Sonata for viola and piano (2005) 

Sonata for violin and piano (2016)
Stars Sonata“(1986/99) for piano
Stravinsky Smiles” (2008) 
for accordion, piano and string orchestra

The Stonedream” (1998/2018) for oboe and piano
String Quartet No.1 (1990-2006)
String quartet No.2 (1991-2005)

String quartet No.3 (“Four Hommages”) (2008) 
Spring quartet” (2008) for string quartet
Symphonic Chronicles” (1986-89) 
for orchestra and choir  



Three Ballet Scenes” (1996) for flute, clarinet, violin, v-cello, marimba & piano
Three Pieces for piano (1987-90)
Three Remembrances” (1996) 
for marimba solo
Three Hymns for Paitan and chamber ensemble” (2019)
“Three Psalms” (2019) for trumpet and piano
“Three Psalms” (2019) for trumpet, piano and strings
Tocco di Vita” (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano
Tocco di Vita” for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano (2019)
Tranquility” (1989) symphonic poem

Transition” (2003) for piano
Triptych” (Sonata Nr. 2)  (1991) for piano
Triptych” (version for clarinet, bassoon and piano) (2004)
Triptych (version for violin, cello and piano) (2004)
 (version for oboe,bassoon and piano) (2013)
Two Psalms (1993) 
for mixed choir & orchestra
Twelve Constellations” (2018)
for piano



Valse étincelante” (2013) for piano
Variations on Paganini`s Caprice 24 (2019) for trumpet and trombone
Variations on Paganini`s Caprice 24 (2019) \ version for violin and cello
Vocalise (2005) 
for horn and piano
Vocalise (2013) 
for cello (ossia: violin, tuba, flute, clarinet) and piano


When stones dream” (1998) for oboe, horn, v-cello and piano
Wind Quintet (1991)



2 Psalms (1993) for mixed choir & orchestra
3 Pieces for piano (1987-90)
3 Remembrances (1996) 
for marimba solo
Hymns for Paitan and chamber ensemble (2019)
3 Psalms (2019) for trumpet and piano
3 Psalms (2019) for trumpet, piano and strings
3 Ballet Scenes” (1996) for flute, clarinet, violin, v-cello, marimba & piano
4 Hommages” (2008) (String quartet No.3)
5 pieces (1998) for clarinet solo
7-11 and much later” (2006) 
for harpsichord or piano
8 Preludes for piano (1986-1989)
11 o`clock” (version for piano) (2006)
12 Constellations” (2018) for piano
23 Preludes for piano (1996-2018)