The Violin Concerto by Uri Brener
… is if proclaiming without fear of it`s accession
to the line of great Romantic concertos, those by Brahms , Tchaikovsky , Sibelius…
(Haaretz 19.02.2016)


Special Award for operatorio “Shunamit” at a competition in Boston

Opera(torio) composed by Yuri Brenner, a libretto written by Esther Ettinger, was selected for performance at the Boston Metro Opera
Haggai Hitron   06/19/2014   15:12

Oratorio “Shunamit” composed by Yuri Brener, a libretto written by Esther Ettinger, was selected for the Boston Metro Opera, among hundreds of candidates, in the
BMO concert Award nomination. This opera house, says the composer Brener, specializes in contemporary works and since 2009 brought more than 100 new productions on stage.
The libretto of “Shunamit” by Ettinger is connected to the story of Elisha and the Shunammite woman from Kings II Chapter IV. Ettinger says that the libretto is in many ways based on the Midrash (traditional rabbinic interpretation of the Biblical text), and noted that the story of Elisha and the Shunammite is linked to the story of binding of Isaac in Genesis.
The entire work sent to the competition is about half an hour long, and the composer intends to expand it with further two acts. Brener sent his Oratorio to Boston last October, and yesterday was unexpectedly informed of his winning, after a delay of many months from the promised decision date.
According to him, the music he created is based on East-European Jewish liturgical themes combined with the rock music, and is not yet orchestrated. An audio version of the work prepared for to Boston (four singers, chorus and piano instead of orchestra) is available to hear online.
Brener further stated that “Shunamit” is a combination of opera with oratorio (due to the important role of the chorus), suitable for concert performances, but also may be also presented in a full-
staged opera format.

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“Mr. Brener appreciates the ease with which a violin and a cello can be made to sing…         the work really comes to life in its central scherzo, “Discussion”, a lively, humorous     movement in which traces of Shostakovich’s accent and energy show Mr. Brener’s Russian roots.”

The New York TimesJuly 10th, 2007 on “Triptych

“Music of words” By Ben Shalev
“….In the album, Brenner’s love for jazz, his enchantment with the music of the Middle Ages and his tendency to create “sound pictures” in the spirit of ambient music are also evident. Even the clearly “classical” pieces in the album testify to Brenner’s tendency to blur boundaries between various musical worlds in a productive way…”
HAARETZ  04/11/2007 on “A Walk” solo piano album

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 The road taken, by MAXIM REIDER
Composer / pianist  Uri Brener has walked a long, winding road to get where he is today.  He’s traveled far, both physically and spiritually. And it shows in his music. Brener released his debut album, A Walk, filled with piano reflecting his wide-ranging sound…                                 A delightful solo piano blend of modern and ambient jazz”
The Jerusalem PostOctober 25th, 2007 onA Walk” solo piano album

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Concert Reviews BY Max Stern
“The Sinfonietta 2007-2008 season opened with refreshing energy in an impressive collage for piano and orchestra by Uri Brener, the new resident composer and soloist… Overall, the nearly half hour work holds one’s attention. It is a telling contemporary commentary about being human, holding on to sensitivity, and spiritual survival in a cruel and violent world…”
The Jerusalem Post,  Nov 1, 2007 

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Plus ca change  by Uri Epstein
“…Uri Brener displayed originality and a well-developed sense of artistic form and development. Brener gave shape to emotionally genuine introversion and agitation in the intellectually controlled piano pieces “Reverie”(1998) and “Light” (1995)…”
The Jerusalem Post, 
November 24th, 1998


J.F.M Internet tidning Malmö Sweden, 26 Nov 2008 by Fredrik Sieradzki
(on Night at the Cinema):
“…Those who did not attend the culture ministry’s concert tonight missed a genuine artistic and at the same time an absolutely crazy experience… Uri Brener, a composer in kippa — who had written music for the project “Night at the Cinema 2008” especially for the Aviv quartet and top-trombonist Elias Faingersh, joined us on its world premier in Malmö…
I believe no one in the auditorium has ever experienced anything similar neither in a live performance nor in recording… One could do nothing else than stand up and applaud “Bravo!” to a glorious eclectic experience full of humor and playful blessing…”

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Concert review By Matti Edén, November 25, 2008 (on String Quartet Nr.1)
“…..The verge introduction to a color-saturated String quartet no.1 by a thirty-four-year-old Israeli Uri Brener is a concentrated non-vibrato. It is being followed by an enterprising chord flow with a rhythmically profiled melodic line in Shostakovich’s spirit.
Brener studied as a child in Moscow and later in Germany, and, like Shostakovich, Brener uses Jewish folk-like intonations in his music. The intensity is increased by sudden silence breaks. The music is original despite its clear references…”


Aviv String Quartet performs splendidly
By Herman Trotter NEWS MUSIC CRITIC EMERITUS (on String Quartet Nr.1)
“…For the listener, then, the evening’s main pleasure was in the quartets by Schulhoff and Brener…”
“…Brener (b. 1974) is a Russian-born emigre to Israel. His five-movement Quartet No. 1 is built around a slow central Lullaby largely resting on slow ostinato patterns over which a yearning plaint slowly unwinds. It features angular, bubbling minor-mode lyricism, with slower counterthoughts and a lot of punctuating stressed attacks, while the jumpy and propulsive Scherzo also has heavy stresses with almost clock-like regularity. Its concluding movements are a slashing Fugato and a wandering Finale that seems to seek a resting place but is ambivalent about having found it…”

“Vesti” on “Tabula Rasa

“…Improvisations on a “blank slate” combined in them supreme skill of all ensemble members with the finest taste, sensation of form and sense of humor…”
 “…Brener`s renderings of classic works cannot be labeled as simply “jazz arrangements”. They are in no way just “swinging around” some popular classical tunes, but rather deep and thought-through compositions in which at times it would take an expert to actually identify and appreciate the original source…” (Vladimir Mak, 2006)

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on the concert at the Palais Wittgenstein (1996) in German
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Chance Encounters CD and on Jazz Sebastian Bach SUITE…

The Flutist quarterly

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