Tabula Rasa Jazz Trio w Noam Buchman

Tabula Rasa and Noam Buchman (flute)
“Chance Encounters”


This particular cooperation project had its beginning as an acclaimed flutist Noam Buchman commissioned Uri Brener, the trio`s leader (featuring Edmond Gilmore on bass and Shlomo Deshet on drums), to write him a piece in a form of a suite, each movement of which would build upon a fragment extracted from the works of Bach – much in the tradition of Swingle Singers, Jacques Loussier and others.


The unique distinction of the project however lies in its achieving an organic integration of original contemporary music with that of Bach.
Of additional interest is the fact that each of the sections bears the stamp of a particular stylistic influence or “point of view” – hence is the projects name “Chance Encounters”.


Besides the suite, the group has a wide and exciting crossover and jazz repertoire (mostly especially arranged by Uri Brener) – from Romanian Dances by Bela Bartok in a rather untraditional interpretation as a R&B and Reggae, down to a famous and touching Ravel`s Pavane pour une infante défunte  – all this intertwined with a real jazz improvisation and a dynamic of a jam – session. They also perform works by Claude Bolling, Astor Piazzolla and others.
The project has been highly apprised by the media in Israel and abroad, and has been numerously broadcasted both live and as a recording by major of the country`s radio stations.
The CD, released 2009 by the Eighth Note label, has enjoyed a great success.


…Music is my greatest love,” says Noam Buchman … Buchman is one of the finest flutists in Israel today, and local and foreign composers love to compose musical works for him.
…Chance Encounters for Flute and Jazz Trio, Buchman’s newly released CD, was inspired by an idea of Buchman’s… who wanted to use jazz in his next album. To that end, Buchman was introduced to Uri Brener. “I was looking for a composer who was rooted in two worlds – classical and jazz music, and my friend maestro Doron Solomon suggested that I meet Brener”…
 …Chance Encounters is also the story of an encounter that could take place only in Israel. “It is between me, a born Israeli, and Uri Brener, a new immigrant from Russia,” he explains. But it is even more. Buchman, a secular Israeli, found that of all people, it was the new immigrant from Russia – who has become devoutly religious – who could truly understand his ideas and his dreams for this disc, with music serving as a kind of glue to bond them together…”

In December 2014 a review on the CD was published in the prestigious PANThe Journal of the British Flute Society.
PAN bind_Page_1  PAN bind_Page_2

Another review on the CD published in the prestigious American The Flutist quarterly journal in July 2015:

The Flutist quarterly


Live performances:

JAZZ SEBASTJAN BACH by Uri Brener;  1  – “Intro – … with Duke” 

JAZZ SEBASTJAN BACH;   2 “… with Dave Brubeck; 3 … with Agatha Christie”  

JAZZ SEBASTJAN BACH;   4  “… with Michel Legrand”  

JAZZ SEBASTJAN BACH;     5 ” …with Chick Corea”

M.Ravel – Pavane pour une infante défunte (arr. U.Brener)

B. Bartok   – ROMANIAN DANCES (arr. U.Brener)

“Veloce” by Claude Bolling

CD recording:

“JAZZ SEBASTJAN BACH – Chance Encounters” by Uri Brener

C.Bolling – Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio No. 1 (fragments)


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