Simple Voices

“Simple Voices”  – Cooperation with Uri Revah



 The Piutim Project


 A co-project with a singer, poet, visual and plastic artist of the Sephardic – Adalusian background Uri Revah together with an outstanding international group of musicians presented at the “Piut Festival Jerusalem 2013″. The project is dedicated to the revisiting the Jewish New Year prayer chants of the communities of the Northern Africa, Spain, Morocco and Andalusia. Tradition going back many hundred years back in time is presented with a new and unexpectedly fresh setup and arrangement.

The concert took place at the Music Centre Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem.

Piut festival 2

Uri Revah — arrangement, vocal, percussion, santur
Uri Brener — composition, arrangement, piano
Maor Cohen — paitan (traditional vocal)
Shai Cohen — flute, soprano saxophone
Anton Dressler — clarinet & bass clarinet
Alon Reuven – horn
Yonatan Niv — cello
Zvi Salomons – percussion

Few  video samples:

Nakdishakh (נקדישך)
We came to seek Your face (אתאנו לחלות)
Livtza al rifta (לבצע על ריפתא)
I heard Thy Name (שמעתי שמך)


Other Projects

 Project “Painting Sounds”  – Trio with Shai Cohen (reeds, piano)

painting sounds

“Painting Sounds”

Live at the Confederation House, 2004 Jerusalem

Story Without Mountains”

“Hodaya” (“Thanksgiving”)

“Your Eyes Are a Song” (w Yonathan Niv , Cello)

“All This Theater”



Project “Pictures at an Exhibition”  –
Trio with Anton Dressler (clarinets, live electronics)

The project features various kinds of musical and theatrical juxtapositions, bringing together such different cultural layers as traditional Sephardic chants and classical music, free improvisation and live-electronics, visual arts and theater. As a leitmotif the program uses the spirit of Mussorgsky`s idea of a walk among different pictures and elaborating on them.


LISTEN:  “Pictures at an Exhibition”

More info about the project HERE (scroll down to Collaboration with Uri Revah)



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