1989: POEM for v-cello and piano
Publications: IMC

1990: “BARREN LANDSCAPE” version for violoncello and piano (2004)
I. “Deserted  Plain”
II. Mirage. Illusion of Blossoming Gardens”
III. “Games of Gigantic Birds”
IV. “Deserted  Plain Without End or Edge…”
Publications: IMC

1991: “BALLADE” version for violoncello and piano (2013)

1991: “MELODY” version for violoncello and piano (2013)

1993: “FANTASIA” for violoncello and piano
Publications: IMC

2000: “EQUINOX” for 4-10 violoncellos
(Ossia: v-cello solo with electronic delay)
Publications: IMC

2008: “DIALOGUE IV” (from “DIALOGUES”)
 version for violoncello solo

2013: “VOCALISE” version for violoncello and piano

2016: “MONOLOGUE” for violoncello solo


1997: “DIALOGUES” version for violin and violoncello

DIALOGUES (1990-97) for bassoon and violoncello
Publications: IMC

1998: “WHEN STONES DREAM” for oboe, horn, violoncello and piano
Publications: IMC

1990: – DIALOGUES for violin and cello
Publications: IMC

1990: String quartet No.1
Publications: IMC

1991-2003: “TRIPTYCH” for violin, cello and piano
Publications: IMC

1991-2003: “AUKA” for violin, cello, clarinet and piano
(impressions to the painting by M.K.Ciurlionis)
Publications: IMC

1991-2005: String quartet No.2
Publications: IMC

1996: “THREE BALLET SCENES” for flute, clarinet, violin, v-cello, marimba & piano
Publications: IMC

1998: “ON THE OTHER SIDE OF SOUND” for string quintet and wind quintet
Publications: IMC

2008: “SPRING QUARTET” for a string quartet
(1. One for enO 2. One for the Mountain 3. One for Shuli 4. One for Jenia … and winter
5. One for Rachel 6. One for Serge 7. The Rite of Strings 8. One for No One)
Publications: IMC

2008: String quartet No.3 (“Four Homages”)
(I. Homage to Stravinsky –  II. Homage to Alban Berg  –
III. Homage to Schubert  –  IV. Homage to Paganini)
Publications: IMC

2010:  “PHANTASM-CADENZA” for violin, cello and orchestra
Publications: IMI  (Israeli Music Institute)

2010: DOUBLE CONCERTO for violin, cello and orchestra
Publications: IMI (Israeli Music Institute)

for two violins, viola, viola da gamba (or cello) and harpsichord
Publications: IMC