Works list 2013 – present

  • Cantaben Variations (2013) on a theme by Raimond Llull –
    for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, harp, percussion
    and string quintet

    Performances: “Caleido” Ensemble (Italy)
    Listen HERE
  • Valse étincelante (2013) for piano
    Listen HERE
  • Elegy (2013)  for piano
    Listen HERE
  • Vocalise (2013) for tuba (ossia: violin, cello, flute, clarinet) and piano
    Performances: NORWICH  The Chenango Arts Council, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014, at 7 pm (27 West Main Street, Norwich) –  Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello) Or  Matias (piano) (“Love Songs from Around the World”).
    Recordings:Diary” (ICL) Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello) Uri Brener (piano);
     “Around the World with Love” (Roven Records) Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello) Or  Matias (piano)

    Listen to Vocalise (version for cello) HERE
    Listen to Vocalise (version for flute) HERE
  •  Brass Quintet (2013)
    for two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
    Listen HERE 
  • Quasi Ostinato (2013) for recorders quintet and piano
  • Quasi Ostinato  Version for two pianos 
  • Shunamit (2013), Operatorio, Act One (work in progress)
      Listen to SHUNAMIT (Act 1) HERE 
  • Rex – Passacaglia for symphony orchestra (2014)
    Listen HERE 
  •  Air (2014), for flute solo, harp and strings
    Listen HERE
  • Air (2014) version for flute and piano
    Listen HERE
  • Psalm 23 (2014) for Mezzo-Soprano and piano
    (text in Hebrew)
    June 2017, Slovakia, Angelika Pavlechová, soprano
    Listen HERE to the studio recording by Shirelle Dashevsky
    Listen HERE to the live performance by Angelika Pavlechová
  • Chaconne alla Zappa (2014) for two harpsichords
    April 09, 2015, Minkin-Shemer duo at the Wolfinsohn Recital Room, Longy School of Music at Bard College, Cambridge, Boston; 23 March 2017 – The Jerusalem Bach Festival – “Conversations”  Minkin-Shemer duo at the Mishkenot Shaananim Music Center; 25 May 2017 – Frankfurt Music Academy small hall,
    Minkin-Shemer duo
    Recordings: “Conversations – contemporary music for two harpsichords” (Omnibus Classics CC5012) [NAXOS Direct
    Listen HERE
  • Chaconne alla Zappa (2014) version for two pianos 
  • Capriccio (2014) for piano 
  • In search of the Chaconne (2014)
    for two violins, viola, viola da gamba and harpsichord
    Performances: 15 March 2015, World premiere,  The Austrian Hospice, Jerusalem; 17  March 2015 Tel Aviv, The Israel Conservatory of Music; 21 March 2015 Rehovot, Beit Dondikov;  26 March 2015  Haifa, The Studio, Beit Hecht – by the Phoenix Ensemble.
    Listen HERE
  • Andalouse variations (2014) for piano and  orchestra
  • Deceptions (2015) for trumpet and piano
    Performances:  02 Jube 2016 –  ITG conference, Anaheim, CA, USA
    Robert Frear  – trumpet
  • Sonata (2015) for trumpet and piano
  • Psalm 13 (2015) for Mezzo-Soprano and piano
    (text in Hebrew)
    Listen HERE
  •  The Prince of the Soup and the Magic Stone (2015)
    (“Orchestra soup”)
    Musical Fairy Tale (ballet)  for small symphony orchestra, 

    based on the text by Ester Ettinger.
    Performances: 16 May – Akko City Hall; 29 May –  Rebecca Crown Hall, Sherover Theater, Jerusalem, Israel Festival –  w Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva,
    conductor Karin Ben Yosef
    Listen HERE
  • Concerto for violin and orchestra (2015)
    Performances: 17 and 18 February 2016 ISO under Ariel Zuckerman,
    Sergey Ostrovsky – violin,  Tel-Aviv Art Museum
    Listen HERE

  • Mistake (tango) (2016) for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano 
  •  –  (2016) version for mezzo-soprano, violin and piano 
  • Monologue (2016) for violoncello solo
    Listen HERE
  • Sonata (2016) for violin and piano
  • Northern Wind (2017) for harp solo
    Listen HERE to the live performance by Gittit Boasson
    Listen HERE to the studio recording by Gittit Boasson
  • Jewish Suite סיפורי מעשיות
    (2017) for violin and piano 
  • – version for violin, clarinet and piano 
  • – version for flute and piano
  • version for flute, cello and piano
    Listen HERE to the world premiere in Slovakia of the violin\clarinet version
    Listen HERE to the Israeli premiere of the violin\clarinet version
    Listen HERE to the fragments of the flute and piano version 
  • Meditation (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano (on the poem by Elena Fuchs)
    Listen HERE to the world premiere in Slovakia
    Listen HERE to the studio recording by Angelika Pavlech
  • Tocco di Vita (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano (text by Manrico Murzi)
    Listen HERE
  • The Phoenix (2018) for flute and harp
  • The Stonedream (2018) for oboe and piano (from “When The Stones Dream”)



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