Works list 2013 – present

  • Cantaben Variations (2013) on a theme by Raimond Llull –
    for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, harp, percussion
    and string quintet

    Performances: “Caleido” Ensemble (Italy)
    Listen HERE
  • Valse étincelante (2013) for piano
    Listen HERE
  • Elegy (2013)  for piano
    Listen HERE
  • Vocalise (2013) for tuba (ossia: violin, cello, flute, clarinet) and piano
    Performances: NORWICH  The Chenango Arts Council, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014, at 7 pm (27 West Main Street, Norwich) –  Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello) Or  Matias (piano) (“Love Songs from Around the World”).
    Recordings:Diary” (ICL) Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello) Uri Brener (piano);
     “Around the World with Love” (Roven Records) Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello) Or  Matias (piano)

    Listen to Vocalise (version for cello) HERE
    Listen to Vocalise (version for flute) HERE
  •  Brass Quintet (2013)
    for two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
  • Quasi Ostinato (2013) for recorders quintet and piano
  • Quasi Ostinato  Version for two pianos 
  • Shunamit (2013), Operatorio, Act One (work in progress)
      Listen to SHUNAMIT (Act 1) HERE 
  • Rex – Passacaglia for symphony orchestra (2014)
    Listen HERE 
  •  Air (2014), for flute solo, harp and strings
  • Air (2014) version for flute and piano
    Listen HERE
  • Psalm 23 (2014) for Mezzo-Soprano and piano
    (text in Hebrew)
    June 2017, Slovakia, Angelika Pavlechová, soprano
    Listen HERE to the studio recording by Shirelle Dashevsky
    Listen HERE to the live performance by Angelika Pavlechová
  • Chaconne alla Zappa (2014) for two harpsichords
    April 09, 2015, Minkin-Shemer duo at the Wolfinsohn Recital Room, Longy School of Music at Bard College, Cambridge, Boston; 23 March 2017 – The Jerusalem Bach Festival – “Conversations”  Minkin-Shemer duo at the Mishkenot Shaananim Music Center; 25 May 2017 – Frankfurt Music Academy small hall,
    Minkin-Shemer duo
    Recordings: “Conversations – contemporary music for two harpsichords” (Omnibus Classics CC5012) [NAXOS Direct
    Listen HERE
  • Chaconne alla Zappa (2014) version for two pianos 
  • Capriccio (2014) for piano 
  • In search of the Chaconne (2014)
    for two violins, viola, viola da gamba and harpsichord
    Performances: 15 March 2015, World premiere,  The Austrian Hospice, Jerusalem; 17  March 2015 Tel Aviv, The Israel Conservatory of Music; 21 March 2015 Rehovot, Beit Dondikov;  26 March 2015  Haifa, The Studio, Beit Hecht – by the Phoenix Ensemble.
    Listen HERE
  • Andalouse variations (2014) for piano and  orchestra
  • Deceptions (2015) for trumpet and piano
    Performances:  02 Jube 2016 –  ITG conference, Anaheim, CA, USA
    Robert Frear  – trumpet
  • Sonata (2015) for trumpet and piano
  • Psalm 13 (2015) for Mezzo-Soprano and piano
    (text in Hebrew)
    Listen HERE
  •  The Prince of the Soup and the Magic Stone (2015)
    (“Orchestra soup”)
    Musical Fairy Tale (ballet)  for small symphony orchestra, 

    based on the text by Ester Ettinger.
    Performances: 16 May – Akko City Hall; 29 May –  Rebecca Crown Hall, Sherover Theater, Jerusalem, Israel Festival –  w Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva,
    conductor Karin Ben Yosef
    Listen HERE
  • Concerto for violin and orchestra (2015)
    Performances: 17 and 18 February 2016 ISO under Ariel Zuckerman,
    Sergey Ostrovsky – violin,  Tel-Aviv Art Museum
    Listen HERE

  • Mistake (tango) (2016) for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano 
  •  –  (2016) version for mezzo-soprano, violin and piano 
  • Monologue (2016) for violoncello solo
    Listen HERE
  • Sonata (2016) for violin and piano
  • Northern Wind (2017) for harp solo
    Listen HERE to the live performance by Gittit Boasson
    Listen HERE to the studio recording by Gittit Boasson
  • Jewish Suite (2017) for violin and piano 
  • – version for violin, clarinet and piano 
  • – version for flute and piano (with cello obligato)
    Listen HERE to the world premiere in Slovakia of the violin\clarinet version
    Listen HERE to the Israeli premiere of the violin\clarinet version
  • Meditation (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano (on the poem by Elena Fuchs)
    Listen HERE to the world premiere in Slovakia
    Listen HERE to the studio recording by Angelika Pavlech
  • Tocco di Vita (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano (text by Manrico Murzi)
    Listen HERE
  • The Phoenix (2018) for flute and harp



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