Works list 2002-2012

  • Auka (2004) for violin, v-cello, clarinet and piano
    (impressions to the painting by M.K.Ciurlionis)
    Performances:  29.03.04 Marcus Rosenberg Concert Hall, University of Bar-Ilan, Israel;  Evgenia Epstein (violin), Rachel Mercer (cello), Anton Dressler (clarinet)and Uri Brener,  (piano)
    Recordings: “Creative Composition”, The Music Book, Chapter 7,
    Treasure Productions, 2005
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Auka
  • Departing from Shostakovich station…  (2004) for piano
    Performances:   17.02.05 Confederation House, Jerusalem; 07.05.2005 “The New Wave” Series – Musica Nova Concert, Tel- Aviv Art Museum; 10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Recordings: “Creative Composition”, The Music Book, Chapter 7,
    Treasure Productions, 2005
    Listen to Departing from Shostakovich station…
  • Invocation Version for a Big Band (2009)
  •  Sonata (2005) for viola and piano 
  • EXODOS (2005) for clarinet, horn, violin and piano
    PerformancesNovember 20, 2014  – A world premiere at the Croatian Composers Society  w Tomas Tulacek, violin, Hrvoje Pintarič, horn, , Ana Horvat, clarinet, Sanja Vrsalovič, piano
  • Vocalise (2005) for horn and piano
    Performances:  15.01.15 Ron Baron Hall of the Stricker Conservatory, Tel-Aviv; Alon Reuven, horn, Tal Samnon, piano; 15.02.15 – Israely Horn Day;  Alon Reuven, horn, Anna Keisersman, piano.
    Listen to Vocalise
  • Perelandra Tale (2006) for clarinet, violin and piano
    Performances:  22.08.06 /The Prime minister award receipt ceremony / Rekanati Hall, Tel- Aviv Art Museum, Israel; Evgenia Epstein (violin), Semion Ositiansky, clarinet, Marina Eretzky, piano; 13.02 2007 JCC Manhattan , “A New Wave “ series, Ensemble “Continuum”, NY;   06.10.2013 Studio De Agostin, Geneve, Switzerland, Elisaveta Blumina (piano), Sergey Ostrovsky (violin), Dmitry Rasul-Karaev (clarinet)
    Listen to Perelandra Tale
  • Apology (2006)
    electro-acoustic composition in three parts
    ( I. “Void”   II. “Rain”   III. “Apology”)
    Listen to Void
    Listen to Rain
    Listen to Apology
  • 7-11 and much later (2006) for harpsichord or piano
    ( “7 am Prelude” –  “11 o’clock” – “Much Later..” )
    Performances:  2006  Henry Crown Hall, Jerusalem Theater, “Etnachta” series, live broadcast by the Kol Hamusika national radio-channel
    Recordings: Albany Records  2007 (“Harpsichord Music by Israeli composers“)
    Listen to  7-11 and Much Later…
  •  The Search (2006-2007) – piano cycle
    (1.”Chaos”  – 2.” Hope” – 3.”The Gust”  – 4. “Transition” – 5 “Circle”  – 6. “Lazy Sun”  –
    7. “Distant Refrains” )
    Recordings : EnT-T Records  “A  Walk” piano album, 2007 (fragments)
    Listen to The Gust
    Listen to Transition
    Listen to Circle
  • Blares Clouds Celebrations (Piano Concerto No.2)
    (2006 – 2007) 
    for piano and symphonic orchestra
    Performances: 27- 29.10.07 World Premiere with Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheba,
    Conductor – Doron Salomon; Municipal Conservatory of Beer Sheba
    Publications: IMI  (Israeli Music Institute)
    Listen to Blares Clouds Celebrations
  • Blares Clouds Celebrations (Piano Concerto No.2) –                Version for piano and symphonic band (2006)
  • Faust Concerto (2006-7) Sinfonia Concertante
    for Viola and symphony orchestra (the PhD thesis work)
    Listen to Faust Concerto
  • “Spring quartet” (2008) for a string quartet
    (1. One for enO 2. One for the Mountain 3. One for Shuli 4. One for Jenia … and winter 5. One for Rachel 6. One for Serge 7. The Rite of Strings 8. One for No One)
  • Four Hommages (2008) (String quartet No.3)
    (I. Homage to Stravinsky –  II. Homage to Alban Berg  –
    III. Homage to Schubert  –  IV. Homage to Paganini
    Performances 23.12.13 – Israeli Music Conservatory Stricker, Tel-Aviv; Ceremony of the Liberson Prize Receipt (Violin I – Yael Barolsky; Violin II – Andrea Hallam; Viola – Jonathan Keren; Cello – Yoni Etzion);  29.3.16 – Homage to Schubert in Tel-Aviv Art Museum with Aviv string quartet; 24.7.15 – French premiere of the Homage to Schubert at  Rencontres Musicales Internationales des Graves, Bordeaux, France,  Aviv string quartet; 4.7.17 – “Arsenal” Hall of Nizhny Novgorod (branch of National Center of Contemporary Arts) by the Cantando string quartet; 27.1.18 – Homage to Schubert in Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa and 01/02/18 in Israeli Music Conservatory Stricker, Tel-Aviv with Rishonim quartet; June 20, 2018, Jerusalem Music Center\ June 19, 2018, 8:00 PM, Jerusalem Music Center\ June 15, 2018, 11:00 AM, Israeli Conservatory, Tel-Aviv\ June 14, 2018, 8:00 PM, Tikotin Museum, Haifa, Israel \ June 13, 2018, 8:00 PM, Visitor`s Center of Zichron Yakov, Israel  – Hommage to Schubert  performed by the renown Carmel String Quartet.

    Listen to Four Homages

  • Imponderability (Cantus II)  for piano
    Listen to Imponderability
  • Jazz Sebastjan Bach – chance encounters (2008)                Suite for Flute and Jazz trio
    (1. Prelude – Allegro  2. First encounter – Presto … with the Duke 3. Second encounter – Siliciano … with Dave Brubeck  4. Third encounter – Presto … with Agatha  5. Fourth encounter –  Adagio… with Michel Legrand  6. Fifth encounter – Allegro … with Chick Corea) 
    Performances: 29/07/2008, The world premiere (“Tabula Rasa” Jazz Trio and Noam Buchman): Kfar Blum Festival, Israel (live broadcast Kol Hamusica channel) 08/10/08 Festival Abu Gosh (w Amit Dolberg, piano and Roni Holan, drums); 20/03/10 CD presentation, Hateiva, Jaffa, Israel; 11/02/10 The Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies; 11/11/10 Hateiva, Jaffa, Israel; 19/02/11 The Haifa Chamber Music Society; 24/05/11 Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance “Mostly Bach” series;  10/06/11  Ein Hod Fourth Festival for Music and Art; 07/07/11 Open University, Raanana;         21/11/11 Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crown Hall, “Etnakhta” series (live broadcast by the Kol Hamusika channel); 17/03/12 Alon Shvut Music Center,”Classics in the Gush” series; 18/10/12 “Diuna” Hall, Ashdod, Israel; 23/05/13 Eshkol Pais Hall, Beit Shemesh, Israel,”Chamber music in Beit Shemesh” series; 07.03.14 Beit Shapira, Petah-Tikva, Israel; 09/05/13 Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Munich w Ensemble Clazzic (fragments); 06/08/13 a US premiere Endless Mountains” Festival; Tioga County Courthouse, Wellsboro, PA, USA; a European premiere: “Tivoli” open stage, Copenhagen, Denmark 16/06/14; 27/06/17 a UK premiere as part of the Guards Music Festival at the Guards Chapel on Birdcage Walk, London with Rachel Smith as a soloist;  8/11/17 at the National Flute Association Convention – Minneapolis, MN w Tereasa Payne, flute.
    Recordings: “Chance Encounters“, The Eighth Note, 2009
    Listen to Jazz Sebasjan Bach
  • Dialogues a7  (2008) for seven players
    Performances: 23.09.2008 Jerusalem Theater, Spectrum Ensemble (Israel)
  • Phantasm – Cadenza (2010) for violin, cello and orchestra
    Publications: IMI  (Israeli Music Institute)
    Listen to Phantasm-Cadenza
  • Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and orchestra (2008-9)
    Performances: 16, 18.01.2010 Beer-Sheva City Hall Yaron Prensky (violin), Sofia Falkovic  (cello); Conductor: Eyal Ein Habar, Israeli Sinfonietta Beer Sheba; 21.06.2010 Tel- Aviv Art MuseumSergey Ostrovsky (violin), Kristina Reiko Cooper (cello) Concertmeister – Yaron Prensky; 17,19,20 March 2012 – Beer-Sheva City Hall Asi Mattatias (violin), Sofia Falkovic (cello), Conductor: Stephen Gunzenhauser, Israeli Sinfonietta Beer Sheba 01/04/13  Zadar, Croatia; Evgenia Epstein (violin), Mihovil Karuza (cello), Zadar Chamber Orchestra, Conductor – Pavle Despali; 27.11.16  Brno, Czech Republic, Leoš Janáček Music Academy, with Moscheles String Ensemble, conducted by Barak Tal, and soloists Tomas Vinklat (violin), and Jan Zlamal (cello)
    Publications: IMI  (Israeli Music Institute)
    Listen to Double Concerto (movement 1)
    Listen to Double Concerto (movement 2)
    Listen to Double Concerto (movement 3)
    Listen to Double Concerto (movement 4)
  • Rasheli (2009) for piano
    Listen to Rasheli
  • Fuer Elise (2010) for piano
    Performances: 21.10.10 “Khan” Theater, Jerusalem 24.10.10;  Eshkol Pais Hall, Netanya 05.12.10 Jewish Community Hall Malmö, Sweden;  07.12.10 “Operaen” Jazz-club, Copenhagen. Danemark;  24.01.11 Leo Baeck Saal, Duesseldorf, Germany
    Listen to Fuer Elise
  • Clazzic Suite (2010)
    Suite for Flute and Jazz trio No.2
     (“Walking Bachwards” “Syrinxation” “AmadEvans variations”
    “The Funky Bird” “Consolation” “Saltarello”)
    Performances: 21/11/11 Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crown Hall, “Etnakhta” series
    (w “Tabula Rasa” Jazz Trio and Noam Buchman and Martina Silvester);
    28/01/13 Versicherungskammer Bayern, “Musica Da Camera” series (“Clazzic” Ensemble) 09/03/13 Freies Musikzentrum München 09/05/13 Staatlichen Antikensammlungen,Munich, Germany; 12.09.2017 Montfort Jazzclub,  Langenargen Castle, Germany


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