Works list 1991-2001

  • Triptych (Sonata Nr. 2)  (1991)  for piano
    Palais Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf, Germany 15.05.96,
    Cultural Centre Jerusalem (Jewish festival 2003 (17.12.03)).
    Publications: IMC
  • Triptych Version for clarinet, bassoon and piano (2004)
  • Triptych Version for violin, cello and piano (2004)
    Performances:  13.12.2005 Music Department of the Bar-Ilan University, Israel / with the quartet “Aviv” members Evgenia Epstein and Rachel Mercer;  08.07.2007 New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) with the members of the New Julliard Ensemble under Joel Sachs; 28.12.16 in Brno, Czech Republic, with Tomas Tulacek, Jan Zlamal and Anastasia Fediuk; 25.04.17 Giluim Festival, Schönebeck City Hall, Germany, with Uri Brener, Eyal Shiloach and Mathias Baier.
    RecordingsCreative Composition“  The Music Book, Chapter 8, Treasure Productions 2005
    Listen to “Triptych” Version for violin, cello and piano 
  • Triptych  Version for oboe,bassoon and piano (2013)
    Performances:  September 2014, Russisches Kulturfest Hamburg 5, Germany
    Trio Blumina (Elsaveta Blumina – piano, Kalev Kuljus – oboe, Mathias Baier – bassoon); broadcast by the Deutschlandradio Culture National Radio channel.
    Listen to “Triptych” Version for oboe,bassoon and piano Mov.1 (“Silence”)
    Listen to “Triptych” Version for oboe,bassoon and piano Mov.2 (“Discussion”)
  • Little Wind Quintet (1991)
    or flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon
    Performances:  Concerts in different venues in Moscow, among them: Big Hall of Gnessin College of Music)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Little Wind Quintet
  • Sacrifice (1991) for soprano, violin and piano
    Performances:  Palais Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf, Germany 15.05.96
    Publications: IMC
  • String quartet No.2 (1991-2005)
  • Fantasia (1993) for Violoncello and piano
    Performances:  Palais Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf, Germany 15.05.96 ; Musical Center  “Mishkenot Shaananim”, Jerusalem, 13.11.98, live broadcast “Youth at the Center” by the Kol Hamusika national radio-channel (w Zvi Orleansky – cello).
    Publications: IMC
    Recordings: “Music from Ein Karem” (“The composers series”, MFEK 0202, 2003); Creative Composition“  The Music Book, Chapter 7, Treasure Productions 2005 Listen to Fantasia
  • In den Schneefeldern (“В снегах”) (1993) for voice and piano
    (Text by Alexander Block)
    Publications: IMC
  • Preludium, Fantasia & Fuga (1993) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, v-cello, contrabass, timpani & 2 pianos
    Publications: IMC
  • Two Psalms (1993) for mixed choir & big orchestra
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Psalm No.6
    Listen to Psalm No.150 
  • Form, Farbe und Licht (1995) for piano
    Performances:  04.07.96, Patrika Hall,  Robert Schumann Hochschule Duesseldorf, Germany; 15.05.96, Palais Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf, Germany; 16.09.99 Henry Crown Hall, Jerusalem Theatre (“Israeli music day”); 13.11.98 Musical Center Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem (Live broadcast “Youth at the Center” by the Kol Hamusika national radio-channel (fragments)
    Recordings: “Music from Ein Karem” (“The composers series”, MFEK 0202, 2003)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Form, Farbe und Licht 1 (“Die Form”)
    Listen to Form, Farbe und Licht 2 (“Die Farbe”)
    Listen to Form, Farbe und Licht 3 (“Das Licht”)
  • Gib`s Auf! (1995)
    – music to a short film by Ralf Rueckhauer on the parabola by F.Kafka for symphonic orchestra (recorded by student orchestra of Bochum university with Hans R.Jakulsky The film was shown: numerously  by the “Premiere” TV channel (Germany); at Open-Air- Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany) and other Film festivals around Germany and beyond, including Jerusalem Internationsal Film Festival 1996.
  • Three remembrances (1996) for marimba solo
    (“Introduction” – “At the Water Edge” – “11 o`clock”)
    Performances:  15.05.96 Palais Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf, Germany ( Dmitry Guskov) Publications: IMC
    Listen to Three remembrances
  • Three Ballet Scenes (1996)
    for flute, clarinet, violin, v-cello, marimba & piano
    Performances: Palais Wittgenstein,Duesseldorf , Germany (15.05.96)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Three Ballet Scenes – Scene 1
    Listen to Three Ballet Scenes – Scene 1
  • Au debut et a la fin (1996) for piano solo 
  • Au debut et a la fin (1999) Version for piano duo
    Performances:  03.11.99 Clermont Hall, Tel-Aviv Music Academy, 03.11.99; Conservatory of Kfar Saba, Israel (Piano duo – Raimonda Sheinfeld – Faina Eisenberg);  29.05.04Festival Israel 2004 – “Inka” auditorium, Jerusalem (Piano duo  Sivan Silvan – Gil Garburg)
    Recordings: “Music for piano duo” (“New stream”, 2000)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Au debut et a la fin (Version for piano duo)
  • Aphorismes (1997) for piano
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Aphorismes
  • Reverie (1998) for piano
    Performances:   13.11.98 Musical Center Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem (Live broadcast “Youth at the Center” by the Kol Hamusika national radio-channel)           Publications: IMC
    Listen to Reverie
  • Prelude (1998) for piano
    Publications: IMC
  • Five pieces (1998) for clarinet solo
    Publications: IMC
  • “Sketches” (1998) for violin and piano
    (“Few words pronounced in silence…” – “Con Impeto” –
    “Reverie” – “Fall Chant” – “Out of Spite” – “Epilogue”)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Sketches
  • Riddles (1998) for clarinet & piano
    (Ossia: bass-clarinet and piano)
    Performances:  December 2002, International Festival of Modern Music, Prague, Czech Republic (K.Dolezal – clarinet, Hans Barton – piano); 15.03.04, M.Rosenberg Concert Hall, University of Bar-Ilan ( w Anton Dressler – clarinet); 21.03.2007 “Musica Insieme contemporanea”, Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia, Bologna, Italy (Anton Dressler – clarinet, bass-clarinet  Giuseppe Andaloro – piano); 27.03.2007 “Divinamente Roma” Festival, Capitoliny Museum, Rom, Italy  w Anton Dressler
    Publications: IMC
    Recordings:Creative Composition“  The Music Book, Chapter 7,
    Treasure Productions 2005
    Listen to Riddles (Movement 1)
    Listen to Riddles (Movements 2-4)
  • When stones dream (1998) for oboe, horn, v-cello and piano
    Performances:  14.06.2000 Felicia Blumenthal Musical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel (Prize “Klon” receipt ceremony);Gabi Buckovsky (oboe),  Michal Mosek (horn), Oleg Stolpner (cello),  Uri Brener (piano)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to When stones dream
  • On the other side of sound (1998)
    for string quintet and wind quintet
    Performances:  27.10.98 Tel-Aviv Museum, “Open stage”- series  with “Musica Nova” ensemble
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to On the other side of sound
  • Epilogue for violin solo (1998)
    Performances: 15.02.15 Dvořák museum, Prague w Tomas Tulacek
    RecordingsCreative Composition“  The Music Book, Chapter 7,
    Treasure Productions 2005
    Listen to Epilogue
  • Awareness (2000) for piano
    Publications: IMC
    Listen to Awareness
  • Rex (2001) for piano
    Publications: IMC
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