Works list 1986-1990

  • Eight preludes (1986-89) for piano
    Performances: Concerts in Moscow, in Germany (among them: Duesseldorf Theatre (08.08.95), Palais Wittgenstein (15.05. 96), Haus der Kirche (28.02.98) (“3000 Years Jerusalem”) a.o.) and in Israel (among them: Conservatory of Petah-Tikva (26.10.99), Musical Center Blumenthal (Tel-Aviv; 24.04.02), Musical Center Ein Kerem (Jerusalem; 21.04.03), Yad Lebanim Hall, Ashkelon (19.10.03), Yad lebanim Hall, Beer-Sheva 11.04.2000; Cultural Center, Jerusalem (Jewish festival 2003, (15.12.03)); 10.01.08 “A  Walk” CD Presentation, Einav Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv; 21.02.08 Dunaevsky School of Music , Moscow ; 29.04.2009 Nomus Festival 2009 Novy Sad, Serbia; 22.04.10 “Divinamente NY” Festival (Italian Cultural Institute, NY, USA); 26.08.2010 Silenzio Musica Festival, Montefiore, Italy and more.
    Publications: IMC
    Recordings : EnT-T Records  / Helicon  (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007)(fragments)           Creative Composition”  The Music Book, Chapter 8, Treasure Productions 2005
    Listen  to  Eight preludes                                                                                                               
  • Stars Sonata (1986-99) for piano
    Publications: IMC
  • Three Pieces for piano (1987-90)                                                                                  (“Ballade”, “Album leave”, “Melody”)
    Listen to Ballade
    Listen to Album leave
    Listen to Melody
  • Ballade – version for violoncello (2013)
  • Melody – version for violoncello (2013)
  • Symphonic Chronicles” (1986-89)                                               symphonic cycle for a big orchestra and choir  
    (“Introduction” – “Peter The Great” – “Anna Ionannovna” – “Moscow the Gold-Domed” –“The Holy Procession” – “Dreams and Visions” – “Pavel The First” – “Dreams and Tales” – “Prison of time” – “Interlude” – “The Flight” – “Prophet”)
    Listen  to  Introduction – Peter The Great – Anna Ionannovna
    Listen  to  Moscow the Gold-Domed  –  The Holy Procession –                                                       Dreams and Visions – Pavel The First
    Listen  to  Dreams and Tales – Prison of time – Interlude
    Listen  to  The Flight – Prophet
    Performances: 13.01.2016 – a world premiere (three fragments) performed by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra under maestro Frédéric Chaslin at the Henry Crown Hall of the Jerusalem Sherover Theater (live broadcast  by the Kol Hamusica national radio channel).
  • Prophet (1987) for big orchestra and choir
    Listen to Prophet
  • Poem (1989) for v-cello & piano
    Performances:  University of Guelph, School of Fine Art and Music, Toronto,                   “Russian Contrasts”; Rachel Mercer, cello – Marianna Humetska, piano)                       Publications: IMC
    Listen  to Poem 
  • Piano Concerto No.1 (1989)
    Listen  to Movements 1-2
      to Movement 3 Finale 
  • Tranquility (1989) symphonic poem for orchestra
    (impressions to the painting by  M.C.Ciurlionis)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen  to Tranquility
  • Catharsis (Sonata Nr. 1) (1990) for piano
    Performances:  Musical Center Blumenthal (14.06.2000)
    (Prize “Klone” receipt ceremony)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen  to Catharsis
  • Metamorphosis (1990) for clarinet solo
    Performances:   14.06.2000 Musical Center Blumenthal, Tel-Aviv, Prize “Klon” receipt ceremony;  Liewellyn Hall, Canberra School of music, Australia (Gavin Clark – clarinet); May 2003, Marcus Rosenber Hall, Music Department of the Bar-Ilan University  (Anton Dressler, clarinet).
    Recordings: Creative Composition”  The Music Book, Chapter 8, Treasure Productions 2005; “Meitar” ensemble, 2008
    Publications: IMC
    Listen  to Metamorphosis
  • Barren Landscape (1990) for tuba and piano
    I. “Deserted  Plain”
    II. Mirage. Illusion of Blossoming Gardens”
    III. “Games of Gigantic Birds”
    IV. “Deserted  Plain Without End or Edge…”
  • Barren Landscape  Version for violoncello (2004)
    Listen  to  Barren Landscape (Version for violoncello)
  • Dialogues (1990-97) for bassoon & cello
    Publications: IMC
  • Dialogues (1997) Version for violin and cello
    Performances:   03.12.2005 Music Center Kiriat Tivon, Israel; 13.12.2005 Music Department of the Bar-Ilan University, Israel; 08.04.08 Haifa Chamber Music Society, Beit Hecht, Israel (Evgenia Epstein and Rachel Mercer duo)
    Listen  to  Dialogues
  • String Quartet No.1 (1990-2006)
    Publications: IMC
    Performances:   Biennale Tel-Aviv Festival 2006; Maximum Auditorium “Music an der Eth” series, Zurich, Switzerland, 2007: Les AMIS Concerts, Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, K-W. Chamber Music Society Waterloo, Canada; Hamilton Chamber Music Society; The Flemington Jewish Community Center; Sant Barbara Art Museum;  Buffalo Chamber Music Society, USA; 2008, November: Stockholm Concert House, Malmö (Sweden) Chamber Music Series  – “Aviv” Quartet)
    Listen  to String Quartet No.1 
  • Chamber Symphony (1990-2013) for chamber orchestra
    Performances:   19.10.03 Yad lebanim Hall, Ashkelon Chamber orchestra “Zlilei  Ashkelon”, Conductor : Michael Dulitsky;  12.12.13 Einav Cultural Centre, Tel-Aviv “Tel-Aviv Soloists” Conductor: Barak Tal
    Publications: IMC
    Listen  to Chamber Symphony
  • In Memoriam” (1990) for string orchestra & string quintet
    Publications: IMC
  • Lamento” (1990) – (second movement from “In Memoriam”)
    Performances:   Chamber orchestra “Laalot”; conductor .- G.Ginzburg;
    Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin 21.03.99)
    Publications: IMC
    Listen  to Lamento
  • “Aquarelles” (1990-97) for piano
    (“For Ingrid” -“Eine Kleine Nachtsarabande”  – “Trakai Castle” – “Enchanted Flame” –        “In the Afternoon” – “Warm Snow” – “Interlude” – “Interlude 2” – “Serenade”)  
    erformances:  Einav Music Center, Tel Aviv (10.01.08); Conservatory Or Yehuda (17.01.08); Marcus Rosenberg Auditorium, Bar-Ilan university (25.12.07) (fragments
    Publications: IMC
    Recordings:: EnT-T Records / Helicon  (“A  Walk” piano album; 2007) (fragments)

further compositions list …


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