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Recording from the live concert of AntUr Duo with Anton Dressler at the  Capitolini museum in Rome, Italy in 2010 with some bonus tracks. (To be obtained directly; please contact via MAIL)

Sample track:

Apparition pulsation by Alexander Aisenstadt

hamavdil cd

Uri Brener`s arrangements of the traditional Shabbath chants from different Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, performed by the members of the Israel Philarmonic Orchestra and conducted by Uri Brener. (To be obtained directly; please contact via MAIL)

Sample tracks:



Third Hemisphere

A double CD containing different kinds of non-standard treatments of many iconic classical pieces (as jazz, fusion, free improvisation, free reading etc..) arranged and produced by Uri Brener and performed by the Tabula Rasa group in 2005. Includes works by Bartok, Ravel, Shostakovich, Scriabin, Stravinsky and more. Featuring guests: Sergey Ostrovsky (violin) and Anton Dressler (clarinet). (To be obtained directly; please contact via MAIL)

Sample tracks:

Scriabin – Prelude 3 op.47 

Shostakovich – Prelude no.24 (from 24 Preludes)  

einaich shir

Single containing a song by an Israeli artist Uri Revah arranged and produced by Uri Brener, also performing on piano and keyboards.
See a video clip HERE 

 Tal Weiss

An album by the Israeli singer and songwriter Tal Weiss, in which Uri Brener took part both as a piano and as a bassoon player.  More info HERE

DVDcover06DVD from a live concert of the Renaissance Show – a unique project combining different musical stiles, genres and trends, from an early Renaissance tunes down to an avantgard and free-jazz – with baroque, klezmer and fusion in the middle. The four performers are all classically trained and feel at home improvising – be it a jazz, baroque, klezmer or free improvisation. Featuring  Anton Dressler on clarinet, live electronics and recorders,  Reuven Ben Chanan -on violin and Elias Faingersh on trombone, live electronics and vocals. (To be obtained directly; please contact via MAIL)


A double CD released by the International Nomus Festival, Novy Sad in 2009 to commemorate it`s 30th Jubilee, features, among others, a live recording of the New Troubadour Duo (Uri Brener- Arkady Shilkloper) made during that festival. The concert was also broadcasted live throughout Europe by the Serbian National Radio.

Haazina Elokim Haazina Elokim2

A CD, big part of which was arranged, produced and performed by Uri Brener, contains many gems of the concerto hazanut – the result of the teamwork of the distinguished modern cantor Haim Eliezer Hershtik, whose teacher was the great Moshe Kosoitsky, and his brilliant student Uriel Granat. The music recorded on the CD was written at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries together with some chants from XVI-XVII centuries. The versatility and the depth of imagery and feelings in this music are revealed in the dynamic vocal rendition characterized by great virtuosity together with the originality and freshness of the arrangements and instrumental performance.


Traditional  German Jewish Sinagogue chants with piano accompaniment and  many arrangements by Uri Brener.


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