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A new CD released by the Omnibus Classics label features Uri`s Ciaconne alla Zappa for two harpsichords commissioned especially for this project by the Minkin-Shemer Duo in 2014 and was composed as a tribute to Frank Zappa.



This new release from Roven Records, Around the World with Love, features songs of love and romance from fourteen different countries. among them Uri Brener`s Vocalise.
Cello virtuoso KRISTINA REIKO COOPER has won worldwide acclaim for her musical diversity, artistry, and charismatic stage presence. Her credits range from having received her Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate of Musical Arts at The Juilliard School to currently serving as visiting professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel.


Uri`s new CD includes many of his most recent works alongside with the
earliest opuses – both chamber and orchestral.
(To be obtained directly; please contact via MAIL)

A Walk

A Walk“, Uri`s debut solo album  was released to rave reviews. The album includes 12 pieces played on a vintage piano surrounded with lots of vintage microphones – all recorded in an empty hall.

Produced by Lior Suliman & Tal Weiss, it features eight compositions by Uri (one of them based on troubadour songs from the 12th century) alongside compositions by Alexander Eisenstadt, Yann Tiersen and Tal Weiss.

“A delightful solo piano blend of modern and ambient jazz” (Jerusalem Post, October 2007)  “..testifies to Brener’s tendency to blur boundaries between various musical worlds in a productive way” (Haaretz,  April 2007 ).


A “piano/drums clash” version of Brener’s “11 O’clock” –                                                                          with drummer Issar Tennenbaum. Click HERE to listen.


In 2010, award winning Canadian cellist Rachel Mercer released her version of Uri’s composition, “Dialogue IV“, as part of the “Allergy To Consciousness” singles series. You can listen to it HERE.

Evidence One

Allergy To Consciousness is a series of 14 diverse singles released worldwide: full studio tracks or remixed/”reworked” demos, songs or instrumental tracks, classical or electronic pieces. Two of Uri`s pieces have been included in this compilation album: a “piano/drums clash” version of Brener’s 11 o’clock and the Rachel Mercer`s performance of the Dialogue IV.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range is a selection of tracks from the label’s catalogue.
All music was remastered especially for the album, using only analogue gear, to focus even more on the full dynamic range of the recordings and the label’s distinctive sound. Two of Uri`s pieces are included in this in this compilation album: Credo for piano and Equinox for cello with electronic delay.

…each piece is a gem in a necklace of Iridescent Music for Small Wonders. I leave you the pleasure of discovering pearl after pearl in the entire tracklisting – a concrete way to know EnT-T – a label of the highest quality. 

(Sounds Behind The Corner)


A solo album of an internationally acclaimed Candaian cellist Rachel Mercer is featuring, among other compositions, a piece by Uri Brener named Equinox, which involves a use of an electronic delay, thus evolving into a mega-kanon, constructing a unique harmonic structure out of a single cello line.


The Principal Harpist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Julia Rovinsky, released in 2013 her third solo harp album – Dawn. The album features her versions to pieces by             John Cage,Ryuichi SakamotoGavin Bryars and Uri Brener. None of these pieces was originally written for a harp. Uri`s piece recorded here is a harp version of his Perelandra Tale, originally written for violin, clarinet and piano.


Harpsichord Music by Israeli Composers

A CD released by the Albany Records label  features music written by Israeli composers for harpsichord. The soloist Marina Minkin holds degrees in piano and harpsichord performance from Boston University and Jerusalem Academy of Music. Uri Brener`s creative output is presented here by the piece called 7-11, and Much Later… 

Music Book Chapter 7Music Book Chapter 8 A double album, released by the Treasure Productions label in 2008, presents much of Uri Brener`s creative output in the area of chamber music from different periods. From his very first opuses such as Eight Preludes, down to Auka and Invocation, written in 2004.  (To be obtained directly; please contact via MAIL)

  COVERThe CD released by the Eighth Note label in 2009 featuring Uri Brener`s suite Jazz Sebastjan Bach with Israel’s highly acclaimed flutist, is Principal Flute of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Noam Buchman and  Brener`s Jazz Trio Tabula Rasa.  The CD contains also a recording of the parts from Clade Bolling`s Suite no.1 for flute and Jazz Trio and more.

 Ein Karem

CD featuring two of Uri Brener`s works from the nineties – Fantasia for cello & piano and two movements form the piano cycle Form Farbe uind Licht.

New stream

Recordings of pieces for tow pianos by Israeli composers are presented on this CD, among them  Au debut et a la fin by Uri Brener.


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