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Composer/pianist/arranger Uri Brener was born 1974 in Moscow and has been playing the piano since the age of four. His first compositional attempts go back to the age of seven, and his first acclaimed opuses appeared at the age of 12 (among them symphonic pieces, piano and chamber music). After studying and performing in Russia, Germany and Holland, he then moved to Israel, where he got his PhD with excellence in composition.

Uri`s music is performed worldwide in the most prestigious venues and stages (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Holland, Canada, USA, Australia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Croatia and more; among others in such venues as MOMA in New York, Capitolini Museum in Rome, The Staatliche Antikensammlungen in Munich, Akademie der Schoene Kunste in Berlin,  Tel-Aviv Art Museum and others).

Among performers of his music there are such distinguished musicians and ensembles   as Sergey Ostrovsky (Switzerland), Anton Dressler (Italy), Rachel Mercer (Canada), Arkady Shilkloper (Russia), Kristina Reiko Cooper (IsraelUSA), Evgenia Epstein (Israel-Croatia), Noam Buchman (Israel), “Musica Nova” and “Meitar” ensembles (Israel), the renown Aviv” quartetContinuum” ensemble (NY, USA), New Julliard Ensemble (NY, USA), Blumina Trio (Germany),Clazzic Ensemble” (Germany), as well as “Tel-Aviv Soloists” orchestra, Israel Chamber Orchestra and Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.
(For the complete list of performances and venues please go to works & performances).

Uri has written large variety of compositions in  wide range of styles and genres, which include piano-, chamber-, vocal-, choral-, symphonic-, electro-acoustic, crossover-, experimental- and other kinds of music. His works list include three piano sonatas, two Piano Concertos, Violin Concerto, few symphonic poems, four string quartets, two double concertos, Sinfonia Concertante “Faust”, lots of chamber pieces for flute, clarinet, trumpet, horn, tuba, marimba, harpsichord (also two harpsichords), violin, violoncello and many others as well as their different combinations and ensembles, Oratorio “Shunamit”, a musical fairy tale / ballet “The Prince of Soup and a Magic Stone”and much more (to see the complete list of Uri`s compositions please go to works & performances).

Uri has also produced dozens of different kinds of arrangements in different styles for different ensembles, varying from a transcription of the famous “Carmina Burana” by
C. Orff for a small symphonic orchestra and arrangements for choir,  down to jazz and crossover arrangements, be it a Big-Band, vocal – or a combo-jazz ensemble. The transcription of the Carmina Burana was performed numerously at the most prestigious halls in Israel such as the Tel-Aviv Opera by Israeli Sinfonietta Orchestra under maestro Doron Salomon in cooperation with the Kamea Dance company with a great success.
(to see the complete list of Uri`s arrangements please go to arrangements & transcriptions).

Uri  has also composed two suites for flute and jazz trio in a crossover genre, first of which, “Jazz Sebastian Bach”, was commissioned and recorded by the renown flutist Noam Buchman together with Uri`s jazz trio Tabula Rasa and highly praised by both national and international media. The second, “Clazzic Suite”, was commissioned by the Munich based crossover ensemble by the same name lead by a flutist Martina Silvester and is based upon iconic classical  works such as Debussy`s “Syrinx”,  Stravinsky`s “Firebird” and other works by Bach, Mozart and others.

Being a skilled pianist himself, Uri performs in many concerts worldwide both alone and cooperation with other musicians, performing his own works, as well as works by other composers. He is taking part in many projects featuring different styles of music including free- and jazz-improvisation, crossover music, world-music, klezmer and more. (for the complete list of Uri`s projects please go to main projects & cooperations).

Uri has participated as a teacher and lecturer in international workshops and master classes,he was invited as a special guest by festivals and was also selected to be a member of a Jury for international and national composition competitions. Uri joins occasionally  broadcasts on  Israeli  classical  music  channel `Kol HaMusika` presenting his own music, improvisations and the music by other artists, he has also appeared in TV shows.

Most of Uri`s works are published by IMC  (Israeli Musical Center) and IMI (Israeli Music Institute). Brener`s compositions have been released on numerous CDs (For a complete list of releases please go to discography).

His piano album, titled A Walk, consisting mostly of his piano compositions was released during late 2007 and was appraised by the media as “A delightful solo piano blend of modern and ambient jazz” (Jerusalem Post, October 25th, 2007) and it is said to “..testify to Brener’s tendency to blur boundaries between various musical worlds in a productive way”(Haaretz 04/11/2007 ).

Uri has won a series of highly prestigious awards and scholarships (for a full list of awards please to awards & honors), among them the Prime Minister Prize for composition (2006 and 2017), and a prestigious ACUM Award, which he has been awarded three times (2008, 2010 and 2015 within different categories), Boston Metro Opera Concert Award at the Contempo Festival Composers` International Competition 2014 in the category “Opera Special Awards” for the Operatorio “Shunamit”, an International Mozart Award from the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England, and more.

In 2007 Uri has been appointed a composer in residence of the  Israeli Sinfonietta Orchestra of Beer-Sheba, Israel, with maestro Justus Franz as its chief conductor.
Since 2016 he is a music director of the Mikro Theater in Jerusalem.

In 2017 Uri also became a director of the oldest conservatory in Israel, Ron Shulamit, in Jerusalem.

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